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About Hothead Vapor LLC

After starting out selling our product inside of Fatheads, Hothead Vapor has quickly grown to feature its very own store right next to Pokey’s. We are open 7-days a week from 12:00PM – 8:00PM to provide you with some of the finest tasting e-juice available. In addition to our regular store hours, we also frequently take part in many community rallies and events, such as the Sturgis Rally and Mall In The Park.

Serving residents of Wyoming and surrounding areas, we are one of the top sellers of handmade e-juices and other high quality vaporizing products. At Hothead Vapor, we provide some of the best e-smoking materials in the business, helping our customers enjoy healthier lifestyles while experiencing the ability to smoke anywhere.

Smoking a standard cigarette in Wyoming can be boring. At Hothead Vapor, we enjoy putting the pleasure and fun back into smoking. With countless flavors, a wide variety of vapor cigarettes, and unique smoking accessories, you can start your local search with a stop at our shop.

Vapor Cigarettes

At Hothead Vapor, we realize that if your vapor cigarettes are not the best quality, there is no way that you can fully enjoy the unique flavors of our e-juice. We offer some of the best products available to help intensify your unique vaporizing experience. With long-lasting batteries and several charging options, our easy to use e-cigs can help you enjoy your vapor breaks to the fullest.

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According to the Cigarette Butt Pollution Project, in 2005, 141 million pounds of non-biodegradable filters were disposed of within America. Investing in a reusable e-cigarette is not only an excellent investment in the health of those around you, but it is also protecting the environment from cigarette waste.

e-Cigarettes in Upton Wyoming, Moorcroft Wyoming, Gillette Wyoming, Sundance Wyoming, Wright Wyoming


In addition to providing one of the most extensive flavor lists on the market, our e-juices are also customizable with selectable base ratios and multiple nicotine strength options. The versatility of our e-liquids promises that you get the safest and best experience while enjoying your e-cigarette.

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